Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why would Planned Parenthood board members and employees want to hide their abortions?

Jill Stanek has posted some information on pending lawsuits against Planned Parenthood Chicago Area. One of the lawsuits, filed by former PPCA abortionist Murray Pelta, mentions how he performed secret abortions on PPCA board members and PPCA employees.
The woman specifically requested that Dr. Pelta keep the procedure a secret and not make a PP/CA record of the abortion. Dr. Pelta had maintained such confidentiality of abortion services provided to other PP/CA board members and employees on a few previous occasions.

If you assume the claims in Pelta's lawsuit are accurate, then you have an organization which sells "I had an abortion" t-shirts yet some its employees and board members don't want other Planned Parenthood employees to know they're having abortions.

Why would you suppose that is?

Planned Parenthood and its employee claim they're providing a necessary and valuable service by providing abortions yet some of their own employee seem to be embarrassed that they too are receiving this service.

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