Monday, October 15, 2007

Life Links 10/15/07

A organization for British nurses is pushing for the government to give nurses the ability to perform abortions during the first 13 weeks. Also, a television station in Britain is planning on airing footage of an abortion at 12 weeks and another at 16 weeks.

Fred Barnes on the speech Rudy Giuliani needs to make to social conservatives.

In the meantime, Deroy Murdock really needs to stop acting like abortion statistics during Giuliani's time as mayor of New York are somehow a reflection on whether Giuliani is a social liberal. I'm doubting he would make this same case for Bill Clinton.

Markus Grompe on alternative methods to obtaining pluripotent stem cells.
In the meantime, I believe that the ethical concerns regarding the destruction of human life — however tiny and fragile — outweigh the potential benefits of producing new embryo-derived cell lines. This is a view shared by many of the general public. Clearly, the best way forward would be to find a technological solution that at once sustains social consensus and opens up biomedical advances.
HT: Wesley Smith

One abortion provider in Britain describes why she won't perform abortions after 20 weeks by saying,
"I think every individual has their cut-off point. It's not scientific, it's just personal, it's just foetal size."

When I press her to spell out whether she means if the foetus is just "too much of a baby", she says: "I suppose so."

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