Monday, October 01, 2007

Remember Dr. P?

A couple of months ago I posted on a revealing uncover investigation by a television crew into an abortionist named Pornpichit Sethavarangura. Sethavarangura was operating his low-price clinic out of what appeared to be an abandoned building and was shown on camera to be willing to break Michigan's informed consent and parental consent laws.

On Thursday, the state of Michigan revoked his license.
The Local 4 hidden camera investigation showed the doctor performing an abortion for $150 in a rundown building in Detroit. It also showed the doctor using dirty equipment and recorded the doctor on hidden camera saying he would perform abortions "on the spot," which is a violation of the state's 24-hour waiting period.

The television news report also recorded the doctor suggesting he would perform an abortion on underage girls, even without parental consent, which is required by law for minors.

The state's order accused Sethavarangura of negligence and incompetence it suggested the doctor showed "a lack of moral character."

When asked about the allegations, the doctor said he was providing a needed service for the poor. "They will miss me," Sethavarangura said about his patients.
Hat's off to WDIV for exposing this guy.

I wonder how pro-choicers deal with something like this. If abortion is just between a woman and her doctor, then did Dr. P (who had a medical license) do anything wrong? If women are willing to have abortions in his rundown clinic with filthy conditions for a lower price then how can pro-choicers say what he was doing was wrong? It's the woman's choice, right?

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