Friday, December 28, 2012

Detectives described finding remains of aborted child

The New Republic has a story on The Rise of DIY Abortions which features Jennie Linn McCormack and the story of how she aborted her 5-month-old using abortion pills she ordered online.

The last page includes quotes from the detectives who found the body:
Before I left Pocatello, I met two detectives who participated in the McCormack investigation. They work just a wall away from the evidence locker where the remains of the fetus are still stored; because the legal proceedings are ongoing, they cannot be released. “We see dead bodies, daily, weekly, in all different stages,” Detective Brian McClure told me. “But seeing a recognizable baby in a garbage bag, frozen, outside, in a garbage pile, decomposing ...”

“I wouldn’t wish anyone to that scene or investigation,” says Detective Val Wadsworth, a father of four. “We unwrapped it and released it to the funeral home, and the next day was the autopsy. The funeral director who was there said it was the worst smell he’d smelled in his thirty-five years of the funeral home. ... I can’t imagine what it did to her, to have that baby right underneath you for so long, trying to sleep with it there. When they had it thawed out and laying on the table, it was just sad. Sad feeling. Sad little pathetic face. It was just terrible.”

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abortion clinic escort has no clue what a 12-week fetus looks like

Everysaturdaymorning is a blog authored by abortion clinic escorts who volunteer at an abortion clinic in Louisville. In a recent post, Servalbear made fun of abortion protestors and sidewalk counselors for using fetal models and shows a complete lack of knowledge regarding fetal development.
The plastic toys are supposed to be 12-week fetuses. They do not resemble a fetus to me. This is a photo I found of them for sale on Etsy so you can judge for yourself.
Servalbear then posts a picture of a plastic fetal model which appears to be identical to the ones sold by Heritage House.

Apparently, out of ignorance Servalbear believes these models don't resemble a fetus when that's nearly exactly what 10 - 12 week human fetuses look like.

Life Links 12/27/12

The Hill reports Nancy Keenan will step down as the leader of NARAL.
She plans to stay on at NARAL through the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade — which happens to fall just a day after Inauguration Day. The organization hasn't picked a successor yet.

Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma lost a WIC contract.
Terry J. Bryce, chief of the WIC program for the Health Department, said he recommended termination because the organization had a large decrease in clients, had a higher per-client cost for services and was unresponsive to repeated requests for information from his agency......

Without a preliminary injunction in place, Planned Parenthood will be forced to stop WIC services on Dec. 31, meaning six full-time staff members will be eliminated and the group may close its west Tulsa health center.

The Akron Beacon Journal has an article on how Planned Parenthood staff and an abortion protestor helped another protestor who was hit by a truck.
"[The other protester] was actually sitting in a canvas chair and this happened so fast … she wasn't able to get out of the way," he said. "A big pickup truck was driving up and the guy was doing his best to stop and she got hit and flung."

She had a broken vertebrae.

"It could have been worse but by the grace of God," Wilson said.

The Planned Parenthood employees sprung into action.

Someone called 911. Nurses came out and helped the woman avoid shock until an ambulance could arrive. One of the Planned Parenthood employees walked down the street to inform the victim's husband who was visiting another business.

For a moment, people with profound disagreements were united.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

UK woman paid 62,000 pounds after hospital kills unborn son

From the story:
A mum unaware she was pregnant has been awarded £62,000 compensation by a hospital which aborted her unborn baby son.

Hospital staff failed to realise Suzanne Doherty was 14 weeks’ pregnant when she went in for a hysterectomy and it was too late to save the baby.

Suzanne, who has three daughters, said: “Knowing we could have had a son was devastating.

“I was told the operation had been a success, but a foetus had been discovered and terminated.

“It shouldn’t happen in this day and age. There are so many checks. It shouldn’t get to the point where a pregnancy was missed.”

“The money will never bring my son back.”

Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro admitted liability and a “catalogue of errors”.

Abortion advocates Angi Becker Stevens and Emily Kellogg Magner ignorant about the prolife legislation they so vehemently oppose

It never ceases to amaze how little abortion advocates in Michigan know about prolife legislation.

Here's Angi Becker Stevens at RH Reality Check:

Now, in Michigan, many women are also being denied any possibility of private insurance coverage for abortion.

First, Angi seems to think legislation to deny private insurance coverage for abortion in part of HB5711.  She's wrong on a couple counts.  The abortion insurance opt out legislation isn't part of HB5711.  It was originally SB 612 whose language was added into a bill to allow Blue Cross to be a nonprofit insurer.  Second, the bill doesn't "any possibility" of private insurance coverage.  It allows women to buy a separate rider to cover abortion. 
And HB 5711, when signed into law, will place a multitude of burdens on women who are in precarious economic circumstances. Its ban on the tele-medicine prescription of medical abortion will primarily impact women living in rural areas, many of whom are poor and live a great distance from abortion clinics; for these women to incur travel expenses, as well as the necessary time away from work if they're employed, is a great burden that will make abortion significantly more difficult, if not impossible, to obtain.

She claims HB5711's ban on telemed abortions will make abortion "significantly more difficult, if not impossible, to obtain."  Except that no abortion provider in Michigan is currently using telemed abortions so it's rather hard to claim abortion will be more difficult to obtain in the future than now because the state is banning something no abortionist is currently doing. 
And because HB 5711 will also impose a number of costly regulations on abortion clinics and providers, it is likely that even women in many suburban and even urban areas will find themselves without an easily accessible clinic to which to turn. At clinics that do manage to keep their doors open under the new guidelines, it can be expected that abortion costs will be driven even higher.

Angi provides no information on what the costly regulations are.  If preparing a clinic for inspection is such a financial burden for the state's numerous abortion clinics then maybe they shouldn't be in operation.

Here's blogger Emily Kellogg Magner's take:
On November 28th a group of social work students and myself woke up at 3:30 am, drove on unplowed and unsalted roads to talk to our representatives about HB 5711.

We studied and analyzed this 60+ page bill and found that it would regulate women's health centers out of existence, limit abortion access for women in rural areas, prevent private insurance companies from covering any abortion services, give a tax credit for fetuses (but not for children), and it would allow  medical providers to deny any health care service they deem objectionable.

After careful analysis we believed this bill to be nothing but harmful to Michigan women, families, and communities.

There's so much wrong here it's tough to know where to start. 

HB 5711 didn't prevent private insurance companies from covering abortions (again that would be SB 612 which was included in the Blues bill) or give a tax credit for fetuses (that would be HB 5684 and HB 5685) or allow medical providers to deny any health care service they deem objectionable (that would SB 975).  That Emily thinks all this was part of HB5711 seems to indicate Emily never read HB 5711 or carefully analyzed it like she claims.  Surprise!

So if Emily hadn't read HB 5711, why would she claim she had?  So she can act indignant over the fact that her state senator hadn't read the legislation.
Howard Walker looked at us blankly. He glanced at his watch. He fussed with his phone.

We went on to talk specifically about how this bill will harm Michigan women, disproportionately women living in rural areas like ours. After we brought up a few of these points he put up his hands and said that he couldn't really speak to those topics … he had not read the bill.

In front of him was a one paragraph synopsis I assume was from the Right to Life special interest organization who drafted the bill.

Howard Walker had not even bothered to read it.

We spoke with him for 20 minutes, the whole time he was dismissive, misinformed, and rude.

Emily also claims HB 5711 will " regulate women's health centers out of existence."  Wrong again (I'll assume she means abortion clinics since the bill doesn't effect centers which don't provide abortions) as 4 clinics in state are already licensed and meet the regulations. 

Here's a tip for abortion advocates who want to be taken seriously about their opinion on prolife legislation: Actually, take the time to know what you're talking about.  This means reading the legislation and not just Planned Parenthood's talking points. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Unintentionally hilarious pro-choice quote of the week

Goes to RH RealityCheck's Robin Marty for her comment regarding prolife legislation in Michigan which passed the Michigan Senate yesterday by an overwhelming 27-10 vote.
The fact that the final vote was only 27 to 10 is perhaps the best indicator of exactly how overreaching the super bill is.
This is a little like saying: "The fact that the Seattle Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday by a score of only 58-0 is perhaps the best indicator of exactly how great a team the Cardinals are right now. "

But Robin at least tries to make an argument. 
A small number of legislators who don't identify as pro-choice rejected the bill, considering it far too extreme.
That small number would be 2 since she claims only 8 Michigan senators openly refer to themselves as pro-choice.  But these 2 legislators aren't prolife legislators.  They're Democrat pro-choice legislators with pro-choice voting records who apparently (Robin provides no evidence except citing "Michigan activists" and doesn't even name the legislators) don't identify themselves as pro-choice.

So a piece of legislation which passes 27-10 is overreaching because two Democrat senators with pro-choice voting records who don't openly refer to themselves as "pro-choice" voted against it.   

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life Links 12/12/12

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is challenging the state's RU-486 abortion law which led them to stop performing RU-486 chemical abortions in April.
The suit in U.S. District Court in Madison challenges the law, which requires doctors and patients to take a series of steps before a woman can receive a so-called "pill abortion." Doctors who fail to follow some of the requirements can be subjected to criminal charges, civil penalties or disciplinary actions, the lawsuit said.

Texas will apparently be moving to ban abortions after 20 weeks according to Governor Perry.
"Let me be clear, my goal — and the goal of many of those joining me here today — is to make abortion at any stage a thing of the past," Perry said. "But while Roe vs. Wade prohibits us from taking that step, it does allow us, the states, to do some things to protect life if they can show there is a compelling state interest. I don't think there's any issue that better fits the definition of a compelling state interest than preventing the suffering of our state's unborn."

The Wall Street Journal has a long article on the abortion clinic in Mississippi suing to stay open after their main abortionist was unable to get admitting privileges at any of the local hospitals.

A sitting judge in Michigan attempted to convince his girlfriend (whom he met when she was a plaintiff in his courtroom) to get an abortion after his wife found out about the child.
So it was supposed to be happily ever after until she says McCree got cold feet. According to the text sent from McCree's phone, his wife found out about the baby and wouldn't grant him the divorce unless Mott aborted it.
I asked her what she believes people will think of her when they see this story. "I'm sure the same thing I would think watching a news story that she knew what she was getting into messing with a married man. And that's pretty much it. She should've never got involved. She should've known he wasn't going to leave. The typical. And that's why it was a fling, something to do for the summer, and it turned into more.... And, of course, I believed him with everything, you know, his actions, showed me that he was leaving, he filed for divorce. I mean, there was nothing to say that we weren't moving forward," said Mott.
Is she going to keep the child? "Yes. I never wanted to have the abortion in the first place."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Life Links 12/10/12

Here's a study which unsurprisingly finds that if a pro-abortion outfit like the Guttmacher Institute makes a bunch of guessestimates for how many abortions there are, they are often incredibly wrong.
We found significant overestimations of abortion figures in the Federal District of Mexico (up to 10-fold), where elective abortion has been legal since 2007. Significant overestimation of maternal and abortion-related mortality during the last 20 years in the entire Mexican country (up to 35%) was also found. Such overestimations are most likely due to the use of incomplete in-hospital records as well as subjective opinion surveys regarding induced abortion figures....
Here's a press release on the study which will likely not be reported at any of media outlets which so readily report the Guttmacher Institute's guesswork.

U.S. District Court Judge James Fox has ruled that North Carolina's "Choose Life" license plate is unconstitutional.
"...the state's offering of a Choose Life license plate in the absence of a pro-choice plate constitutes viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment," wrote Fox in his ruling.... Republican Rep. Mitch Gillespie of McDowell County sponsored the bill and said he'll encourage Attorney General Roy Cooper to appeal the decision. "As long as I am in the General Assembly, my goal will be to get that passed," he said Monday.

A woman in India was allegedly raped by a doctor who then gave her abortion pills without telling her what they were.
The victim bled incessantly for close to a month after consuming the pills on September 4. She was rushed to state-run JJ Hospital from Nagpada police hospital for treatment by the police. "The MRI reports of the pelvis area suggested that the abortion was incomplete and that remnants of the dead foetus were still in the womb," said a senior doctor from JJ Hospital.