Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life Links 10/30/07

Charles Spiering on New Jersey's plan to double-down on embryonic stem cell research.
Democratic Governor John Corzine's attempt at economic renewal is similar to that of other states in the same debt jam: Borrow half a billion dollars more and invest it in stem-cell research.

But wait, don't laugh! That extra debt will yield a 16,000-percent return — that's way better than a roulette-wheel bet on the green double-zero in Atlantic City. Seriously — an economic report prepared for the governor claims that borrowing money to invest in stem cells will lead to fewer employee sick days, fewer citizen deaths, and less in health-care costs in New Jersey — a savings of $73 billion in a span of nine years. If Corzine is making the state's riskiest gamble yet, at least he is going for a real jackpot.

NBA star Carlos Boozer's 17-month old son (who has sickle-cell anemia) is being treated with stem cells from the umbilical cords of his twin brothers who were born in August.

Bob Enyart really has no clue what moral relativism is. Listen to the beginning of this discussion between Greg Koukl and Bob Enyart on what Christians should do if Giuliani is nominated for the Republican nomination. Enyart accuses Koukl (who wrote a book critiquing moral relativism) of moral relativism for believing the lesser of two evils would be to vote for Guiliani if the choice was between Hillary Clinton and Giuliani. Enyart also claims Hillary Clinton supported a ban on partial-birth abortion. When was that Bob?

I can believe how patient Koukl is with Enyart's outlandish rhetoric, continual attempts to interrupt him, and accusations. It is disturbing to me that anyone finds Enyart persuasive.

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