Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tiny arms and legs won't change this one's mind

Writing at Salon, freelance writer Amy Beeman describes her past job working at an abortion clinic and the first woman she saw have an abortion (my emphasis).        
I followed my trainer to the lab where products of conception (P.O.C.) were inspected to make sure the doctor removed all the bits that, if left behind, could cause an infection. My trainer made a point to show me the tiny arms and legs floating in the glass baking pan. At 10 weeks and beyond, those appendages are formed and clearly recognizable.

It was all so heavy. The loneliness of those little arms and legs. That girl, so clearly suffering during the procedure. Before my job at the clinic, my stance on abortion had been so black and white. I had been firmly pro-choice for as long as I could remember. Was it possible that working here could change my mind?
Of course not.  This piece is in Salon (my emphasis). 
Abortion is fraught with so much negative sentiment, and in a sense, abortion is plucking a life from existence that has yet to have the opportunity to thrive. No one is claiming it’s pleasant. There is nothing black and white about abortion. It’s every shade of gray. But for us pro-choicers, the woman’s life trumps the embryo or fetus. That’s the bottom line. We place value on a woman’s ability to know what is best for her. It simply needs to be a safe and legal option.

In a sense?  No.  In reality.  

What I noticed is how Beeman admitted earlier that the unborn have tiny arms and legs, yet goes on to use the intentionally dehumanizing term “unwanted growth” to describe them as if the human individual these arms and legs were torn from was like a wart on a foot.
Seeing every side, the whole complicated and profound process, I came out more pro-choice than ever. I started to see it from a purely biological standpoint. We were removing an unwanted growth to preserve the woman’s chosen course.
This seems to be a somewhat common phenomenon with pro-choicers who recognize the humanity of the unborn. On one hand, they’ll admit the unborn are living human beings (or something similar) and then go on to argue in favor of abortion from a bodily autonomy viewpoint.  However, they later use terms which intentionally dehumanize the unborn.  Beeman even laughably claims this is a "purely biological standpoint" as if her rhetoric had anything to do with biology. 

I always wonder why.  If the bottom line is that a woman's life (well, not really her life but how she wants to live her life) trumps the life of the unborn then why the need to intentionally dehumanize the unborn? 

My thought is that the idea that a woman should be able to kill the helpless human being living inside for whatever reason she wants is not a position most people are comfortable defending even if that's the actual reason they favor legal abortion.  It's much easier to push those tiny arms and legs aside and imagine the unborn as a bunion or a pimple because making the bodily autonomy argument is much easier if another human being isn't being torn apart.   

Friday, May 08, 2015

Con artist tricked Arizona into paying for her late term abortion, child born alive

It seems that doctors and government don't often do a very good job of checking up on things.  

A convicted con artist duped the state into paying for her late-term abortion, a procedure which otherwise would not have been funded with public money, according to court records.

Chalice Renee Zeitner made up a story about having cancer in order to qualify for an abortion while on Arizona’s Medicaid insurance, and forged a doctor’s note to support her claim, according to charging documents.

A doctor performed the abortion when Zeitner was 22-weeks pregnant......

They realized they got conned when she went to the same doctor to deliver a child a year later and the doctor noticed she didn't have cancer.  Why it took 3-4 years from that point to issue charges isn't explained.

Here's the saddest part.
Zeitner’s aborted child was born alive, weighing just more than one pound, documents state.

“The baby lived for approximately 20 minutes and received no life-saving measure by hospital staff,” according to documents.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Life Links 5/7/15

Jonathan Tobin writes about how abortion advocates are often anti-science when it comes to late-term abortions in light of the recent New England Journal of Medicine study on the viability of premature children born at 22 weeks.
But for much of our political establishment, inconvenient facts such as those put forward by the New England Journal must be disregarded. Instead of coming to grips with the fact that allowing the practice of late term abortion is enabling the slaughter of many babies that could live, they remain in denial. Instead they make national heroines of politicians like Wendy Davis who filibustered a late term abortion bill that would protect the lives of infants that we know might be able to live apart from their mother if given sufficient medical care.

Auditors have revealed that South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control hasn’t done the best job inspecting abortion clinics or punishing them for repeated problems. 
The Legislative Audit Council said in a report that DHEC provided auditors with records for only 33 of the 42 inspections that should have been conducted from 2001 to 2014 at the three clinics in Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville.

The council also found that, with the exception of an expired license, DHEC imposed no penalties for violations, including for repeat violations such as expired medications and failure to properly dispose of medications, which could have brought fines of up to $1,000 on a second offense. Auditors suggested DHEC enforce a system of graduated penalties if repeat violations are found.

In Texas, abortion providers will have to go through human trafficking training.

Some pro-abort men/wannabe models in New York City are raising funds to create a calendar of themselves where a portion of the proceeds will go to a pro-abortion group.