Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pro-Choicers disagree over Fox News documentary on abortion

William Harrison (the abortionist who participated in the documentary):
Am I pleased with the job Rachel Feldman did? Absolutely. Is it "fair and balanced?" Considering that I had no patients who were giving a baby up for adoption or receiving abortion care as a result of severe or fatal fetal anomalies during the time frame I worked with her, and we could find no other abortion care providers willing to work with her, I think she did the absolute best she could have done.....

Having found NO other physicians, other than Brooke's obstetrician, willing to participate in this endeavor, I think she did an incredible job.

Amanda Marcotte's reaction to the preview clips:
From the clips on the website, it seems that "Facing Reality: Choice" is going to be all about promoting stereotypes about who gets abortions. They're interviewing two young, blonde women who find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies, and the first is Jeanne, who is the one who is pretty sure she wants an abortion.....

So there you go, the two favorite anti-choice stereotypes of women who get abortions: evil sluts and foolish women who are bewitched by conniving men. I'm going to guess that the rest of the documentary continues in this vein, but I'm recording it so I can report on it later.

One wonders what Amanda's reaction to the documentary will be after she watches it (if she hasn't already). Will she reports her pre-conceived beliefs were wrong and the documentary is fair or at least decently fair? Or will she hold tight to her belief that the evil Fox News is simply working to promote stereotypes about women who get abortions?

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