Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some pro-choicers are just too ridiculous

A blogger named Otiose Anchor claims "most women and all men who oppose abortion being legal are just idiots." He then goes on to tell the story about how he impregnated his 19-year-old first cousin when he was fourteen and she had an abortion.

Pro-choice blogger Jeff Fecke claims his daughter "really didn't exist yet" when she was growing in his wife's womb during early gestation.
Anyhow, like many pro-choice women, Robin was still able to enjoy her pregnancy, knowing that even though it was early in her term, the fetus that she carried was going, eventually, to grow into her child.

This is, of course, something those of us who are pro-choice get. I knew that at one month, two months, even four months, my daughter really didn't exist yet.
Yep. She's just wasn't there. His reasoning for why she "really didn't exist" seems to be because he would have different feelings following a miscarriage compared to if his daughter died after she was born. How's that for solid reasoning?

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