Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life Links 10/25/07

It appears that making abortion legal in South Africa hasn't prevented illegal "backstreet" abortions from occurring. It hasn't even prevented shady abortionists from advertising on street lamps and store walls.
"I can make a plan. But it will be a bit painful because the longer you wait the painful it becomes. The pain will be just like a period pain," said one "Dr Marison" when asked whether he could still abort when the woman is six months into the pregnancy.....

"After two hours the bleeding will stop and the abortion will be complete. At three months there is no baby, just blood. There is nothing to worry about," the doctor said.

Paul Kengor on the importance of the bully pulpit with regards to abortion and Rudy.
The president is the leader of his party. With a President Giuliani, neither of the two party leaderships would be pro-life. That would be devastating to the cause of life, a reality apparently understood by the principled pro-life evangelicals and Catholics threatening to stay home or bolt to a third party if Rudy wins the nomination — and, yes, thereby electing Hillary Clinton. Clearly, they have thought through the destructive implications of a pro-choice Republican president, and are trying to stop a train wreck before it happens. Maybe they have a point.

Paul Mushine is kicking the tires on New Jersey's stem cell machine.
As for Gov. Jon Corzine, at that Tuesday ceremony he was urging all to vote yes on the stem cell initiative Nov. 6. But we can't afford that gleaming new building any more than that hick could afford that Hemi.

The Detroit News has an article about how pregnant women with breast cancer can be treated without endangering their unborn children.

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