Thursday, October 18, 2007

Life Links 10/18/07

A woman named Laura Hope Smith dies from legal abortion and the National Catholic Register is the only print media outlet to cover it. Why?

Phill Kline has filed charges against a Planned Parenthood in Kansas. Charges include, "29 felony counts of providing false information and 84 misdemeanor counts of failure to maintain records, failure to determine viability for a late-term abortion and unlawful late-term abortion."

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that a young woman named Roxanne Fernando was "brutally beaten to death and buried in a snow bank" after refusing to have an abortion. She was killed in February but these details are just coming out.

The Kansas City Star editorial board is a disaster. They think Robin Carnahan's incredibly biased and inaccurate language on a ballot attempt to provide a scientifically accurate definition of human cloning is "fair and clear." Being in favor of creating and killing human embryos for research is one thing. Having no problem with obvious attempts to deceive the people of Missouri is another. Cathy Ruse has more on the sad state of affairs regarding Missouri newspapers.

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