Friday, October 26, 2007

Life Links 10/26/07

Students in Concord, Michigan were prevented from symbolically protesting abortion at school.

Wesley Smith notes something Alta Charo (an avid proponent of human cloning for research) says that human cloning proponents in Michigan would never admit to.

Jill Stanek encourages everyone to see Bella this weekend. She's also got the trailer.

Meanwhile, some movie reviewers don't seem to like Bella's message

Connie Cole of the Miami Herald gives Bella a ½ star and writes, "The film is more of an exercise in pandering and propaganda -- give your baby up for adoption, you selfish pig! -- than the heartfelt drama it aims to be."

Detroit Free Press writer John Monaghan says, "Despite its way-too-obvious shortcomings, "Bella" copped an audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. Consider it proof that the customer is not always right."

Stephen Holden of the New York Times thinks, "If "Bella" (the title doesn't make sense until the last scene) is a mediocre cup of mush, the response to it suggests how desperate some people are for an urban fairy tale with a happy ending, no matter how ludicrous."

Los Angeles Times reviewer Gary Goldstein feels Bella is too sweet for it's own good.

Yet not all reviewers are anti-Bella. Roger Ebert is a Bella fan. He slaps down another reviewer in the process as well. Ebert seems to recognize that some movie goers might enjoy sweet movies with happy endings.

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