Thursday, October 04, 2007

Some sad abortion stories at LiveJournal's abortion info community

One woman who was scared of receiving general anesthesia says a clinic worker told her "either you go have this operation or go home and have your baby." She rescheduled her appointment and is planning on going to another clinic.

Another young woman is worried about how she will feel after having an abortion.
I know that having a child right now would be completely unfair for all 3 of us, but I can't help but feel like I really really want this child, and as each day goes by, I get more and more attached. So my question to all of you is, did you feel the same way when you got an abortion, and did you regret it later? do you still think it was the right decision?
In response to her questions, another woman says, "i did the least selfish thing, which was what was best for the child, not myself. i would have LOVED to have a child, i had these plans for when i wanted kids, how far apart, etc... however, when i got pregnant, it really, really was not the right time."

Another young woman describes her experience at Northland Family Planning (a group of abortion clinics in Detroit suburbs) by saying,
The clinic was nothing like I imagined it to be from the website description. It had a very uncomfterable looking cramped sleezy waiting room. There were piles upon piles of women, some huddled into corners, waiting for their appointments. I got called in and filled out a series of forms, than a few other girls and I were huddled into a small room to watch a poorly put together explination of what goes on at Northland Family Planning. After that was done we all moved back into the waiting room of hell.
She goes to describe how numerous girls had adverse reactions to some of the dilation drugs they were given, how the surgery room was nicer than the waiting room, how she prayed the soul of her "zygote" child would be returned to her when the time is right, how her male companion (boyfriend?) reacted with sadness to an ultrasound picture of their child.

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