Thursday, October 18, 2007

Princeton abortion debate

There's an abortion debate in the Daily Princetonian. Sherif Girgis provides a prolife view and Sara Viola and Jeris Stueland Yruma respond.

While Viola and Stueland Yruma agree with Girgis that the unborn are member of the species homo sapiens, they erect a strawman (Girgis' position requires "affording a specific molecule of DNA some moral worth"), falsely claim the recent WHO "study" "shows that while the legal status of abortion has no impact on the incidence of abortion" (you could make the argument the "study" shows similar overall abortion rates in regions where abortion is illegal compared to where it is legal but since we have no clue what kind of abortion rates there would be in Africa if abortion legalized the "no impact" statement is clearly incorrect), and claim prolifers don't care about women's health.

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