Thursday, October 04, 2007

America's Take on Abortion

Third Way, a "Strategy Center for Progressives," has released the results of a recent survey focusing on abortion. There are some interesting and almost schizophrenic responses.

Question 10 asks, "It makes no difference in moral terms whether a pregnant woman chooses to have an abortion or a baby - it is simply her choice." The results: 33% completely agree, 20% mostly agree, 16% mostly disagree and 28% completely disagree.

Question 17 asks, "Abortion is the taking of human life." 49% completely agree, 20% mostly agree 13% mostly disagree and 13% completely disagree.

This means we have a sizable portion of Americans (probably somewhere around 25%) who believe abortion is the taking of human life yet it makes no moral difference between whether a woman has an abortion or a baby.

But wait. Question 26 asks "Separate from whether or not it is legal, how do you personally feel about the morality of abortion?" The results? 46% said abortion was "mostly or always morally wrong," 22% said "it was sometimes morally wrong" while 29% said "it is not really a moral issue."

Third Way also has a memo from Rachel Laser and Jim Kessler about the survey and a strategy they think pro-choice politicians should adopt entitled: "A Consensus on the Abortion Debate—Reducing the need for abortion while preserving the right to have one."

The need for abortion? What does this mean for "choice" language?

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