Friday, January 08, 2016

Anti-abortion domestic terrorism turns out to be stalker ex-boyfriend of Planned Parenthood employee

Last fall, a Planned Parenthood facility in Thousand Oaks had a window broken, gasoline poured in and a small fire started.  The fire was quickly extinguished by the sprinkler system. 

At the time, many in the pro-choice community believed this was the work of anti-abortion individuals upset about Planned Parenthood practice of selling fetal body parts.  The state director of NARAL Pro-Choice California called it “domestic terrorism.”

Well, it turns out abortion had nothing to do with the arson.  A man has been charged in the case and he happens to be an ex-boyfriend of a Planned Parenthood employee.  

Prosecutors said Perez's former girlfriend worked at the facility and the Oxnard man had been stalking her.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Richard Simon said a rock was used to break a window at the facility, which was closed at the time. Simon said Perez poured flammable liquid through the window and then lit a match.

The former girlfriend had a protective order against Perez for a prior domestic battery incident, Simon said. The arson and stalking were directed at the ex-girlfriend, not at Planned Parenthood, authorities said.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jessica Valenti goes epic pro-abortion in latest column defending Anna Yocca

While the main players in the abortion industry have been relatively quiet regarding Anna Yocca being charged with attempted murder after trying to self-abort at 24 weeks with coathanger, pro-abortion columnist Jessica Valenti is not

Planned Parenthood and NARAL probably understand it doesn't make sense to go all in defending a woman who severely injured her viable son while trying to kill him. That's not the best PR case since the kid survived with horrible injuries. But the only brand Valenti has to protect is her being more pro-abortion than anyone else which is why she argues Yocca's plight deserves our empathy.  
In a just world, this news would provoke empathetic outrage – Yocca’s desperation and inability to obtain a safe abortion prove that we are shamefully failing women.
In a just world, this news would provoke empathetic outrage for the defenseless child, not the attacker.  You know, the one who Yocca violently attacked and grievously injured.  Unsurprisingly, Valenti doesn’t mention the injuries the child sustained.  That might lead her readers to place their empathy towards the human being who deserves it. 

As the Murfreesboro Post reported
He will need a medically-experienced foster parent, remain on oxygen and take medication daily because of problems with his eyes, lungs and heart stemming from damage caused by the coat hanger.
Valenti also provides no evidence that Yocca was unable to obtain a safe abortion.  We've heard nothing as to why Yocca waited until 24 weeks and then tried to self-abort.  Murfreesboro is less than an hour from Nashville, where there is an abortion clinic. Yocca had a job at Amazon fulfillment center. She has a boyfriend. She’s 31.  She’s not some scared teenager without any resources.  She’s a grown adult. Next, Valenti will be asking for a empathetic outrage for Kimberly Pappas, not the newborn baby boy she suffocated in a bag in her desk. 

If you have more empathy for the woman stabbing her unborn child with a coathanger than the child she is stabbing, you may just be a psychopath. 

Valenti continues:
But we don’t live in a just world. We live in a world, in a country, where women who want to end their pregnancies are considered contemptible. And so Yocca, after her 24-week fetus was delivered, was arrested for first-degree attempted murder.
Well, that's what happens when you repeatedly stab a viable child with a coathanger.   And yes, that's more just than ignoring what Yocca did or treated her actions like they deserve empathy.  Also notice how Valenti calls the child a "fetus" after the child was delivered.  I guess that allows her to completely ignore what that child went through and will go through the rest of his life because of his mother's actions. 

Valenti then goes after a police officer who responded as any sane individual would:
In an interview with local media, police sergeant Kyle Evans – displaying an incredible amount of anti-abortion bias – said that Yocca “wanted to kill the child” and that she “made very incriminating statements ... regarding wanting to end the child’s life”. (Apparently wanting an abortion is criminal.) 
Well, yes in this case (as the Washington Post explains) attempting a self-abortion and injuring the unborn child is against the law in Tennessee.  How is it anti-abortion bias to point out the obvious (Yocca "wanted to kill the child")?  Is it because he used the word "child"? Is the 1.5 pound baby boy not a child because Yocca tried to kill him?

The Guardian had to issue a correction to the piece after Valenti originally claimed thousands of women were dying "every year" before Roe.
This piece was amended on 15 December 2015 to clarify that thousands of women died as a result of illegal abortions before Roe v Wade. An earlier version of this piece said thousands died every year.
That’s just embarrassing.  Valenti has been writing about abortion for more than a decade yet she still thought thousands of women died every year before Roe v. Wade?  It takes an epic level of thoughtlessness and complete lack of research to believe that.  Or maybe she intentionally lied and thought she could get away with it.           

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Short segment of conversation with Planned Parenthood exec at NAF conference released has posted a short segment of a conversation between undercover reporters of the Center for Medical Progress and Deb VanderHei at the National Abortion Federation Conference on April 21, 2015.  GotNews claims it was released to them by source on Capitol Hill and more segment will be released. 

During the conversation, VanderHei mentions that some affiliates may want to increase revenue by selling the body parts of aborted children and that Planned Parenthood national offices could nothing about it if they did. 

Life Links 10/22/15

Nightline has a segment on the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag.  It’s a complete puff piece which calls 200K tweets an “internet sensation.”

The city of Portland has agreed to pay the legal fees of abortion protesters in buffer zone lawsuit. 
The city will pay each of the plaintiffs nominal damages of $1, and a total of $56,500 in legal fees, according to a consent judgment approved Oct. 8 by Judge Nancy Torresen in U.S. District Court in Portland.

Planned Parenthood has plans to build a $5 million clinic in Spokane, Washington.  The clinic it is replacing does abortions. 
The nonprofit has started a $2 million capital campaign and already has raised $1.2 million toward the project, Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Tiffany Harms said. The facility will replace its existing health center, 123 E. Indiana Ave., and is slated to open in winter 2017, according to the release. It will be built just east of the current health center, which will be torn down once the new one is open.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The LA Times’ Michael Hiltzik is a lying clown with no integrity

In a recent column for the Los Angeles Times, Michael Hiltzik writes about StemExpress, a company which buys fetal parts from Planned Parenthood affiliates in California.  Hiltzik bemoans that StemExpress has been “terrorized” and “harassed” into ending their business relationship with Planned Parenthood.  StemExpress executives were allegedly caught on undercover video discussing their acquisition of intact aborted children.  They’ve sued the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) to prevent the release of the video and been asked by Congress to provide information on their relationship with Planned Parenthood.

Hiltzik’s column is so filled with misinformation and broad assertions about the videos, it made me wonder if he’s even seen the videos he’s discussing.  They seem like talking points which come directly from Planned Parenthood and StemExpress.  He doesn’t even mention that a former StemExpress employee is featured in 3 of the 7 videos which means he hasn’t seen those videos or he prefers to not let his readers know that.  Writing a column about videos he hasn't even watched, didn't seem that out of the blue for a guy caught sock-puppeting. 

So I bet $10 that he hadn’t seen the videos on twitter.  He retweeted me and said he’d seen all the footage and read all the transcripts and asked if I had. 

That led me to a couple of questions. First, if Hiltzik watched the full footage of the videos then why does he claim in his column that “Because the released videos have been heavily edited, CMP's assertions that the officials are acting illegally must be treated with great doubt.”

If he’s seen the full videos and CMP’s assertions are clearly false then why couldn’t he devote a paragraph or two in his long column to demonstrating why they are false? 

He could show that Mary Gatter wasn’t really haggling over the price of specimens or that Deborah Nucatola wasn’t really talking about how she changes her technique to get more intact organs, right? 

Why would he instead use the “but they’re heavily edited” excuse?  Either because he hasn't watched the videos or he's intentionally misleading his readers. 

I then asked him what event led Nucatola to become an abortionist.  If he watched the full footage of all the videos (heck, if he just watched the full footage of the first one) he would easily be able to answer this question.  Instead, he blocked me. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Planned Parenthood's brand takes a hit

Planned Parenthood has be wounded and Cecile Richards knows it.  For years, undercover actors have tormented their organization and led Planned Parenthood to institute various trainings to prevent their affiliates and abortionists from being caught on camera saying or doing something which could hurt their brand. 

And now one (possibly more depending on future videos) of her leading executives (senior medical director Deborah Nucatola) got caught doing just that.

Unless David Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress’ future videos have more than this, I don’t see anyone at Planned Parenthood being prosecuted for selling unborn body parts or performing partial-birth abortions (especially since Nucatola discusses using digoxin, which kills the child, prior to doing late-term abortions). 

However, this video (and more soon to follow) strike a blow at Planned Parenthood and increase the stigma of abortion just as Planned Parenthood’s PR team has been working to reduce the stigma attached to abortion.  It’s much harder to reduce abortion stigma when your senior medical director is nonchalantly talking about preserving hearts, liver, lungs, and lower extremities of unborn children by crushing above and below the child’s torso.  If only Nucatola had said “gentle squeeze above” and “gently squeeze below.”

While Planned Parenthood tries to downplay the short video because it was edited, the full video is a treasure trove of information for prolifers as abortionists and abortion advocates are rarely this honest about what they do.  Nucatola reveals the following:

  • Abortionists on the west coast use digoxin to kill the child during late-term abortions while abortionists on the east coast do not.  She describes this as a culture war and discusses how she couldn’t get feuding sides to agree on a study to see which method was safer. 
  • Planned Parenthood has a lowly view of many independent abortion providers   
  • Planned Parenthood has 40% of the abortion market share, knows this and is proud of it
  • Nucatola sought out advice on how to “frame” the use of fetal organs for research and Planned Parenthood struggles with how to discuss the issue
  • Planned Parenthood is scared to bring any abortion case before the Supreme Court with its current composition and knew they were going to lose Hobby Lobby and the free speech buffer-zone law case 
  •  Nucatola was very open with trying to help the actors get in contact with a number of other abortionists and abortion clinic and even suggested they do a workshop at an abortion conference
  • Nucatola became an abortionist because during her residency because she treated a woman who died from complications from a legal abortion (this is not something Planned Parenthood would ever want to share publicly)
Supposedly Nucatola has been "reprimanded."

Cecile Richards couldn't defend Nucatola being open about what abortion does, so she released a video defending Planned Parenthood while apologizing for Nucatola's "tone and statements" without ever clarifying which statements were unacceptable and why they were unacceptable.  She basically apologizes for Nucatola being honest about what abortion does while eating lunch. That this honesty (all that baby organ and crushing talk) was recorded and seen by millions is what is unacceptable to Richards. Who knows if Nucatola will be demoted or fired.  Planned Parenthood probably feels that can't publicly fire her now as that would admit some great wrongdoing by Nucatola and lead to another day of news stories. 

The brand is damaged and I hope future videos will damage it more.  Planned Parenthood put themselves in this position by intentionally becoming the giant in the abortion industry. When you're the leader in the industry you have to defend your product.  Planned Parenthood would rather sell their product behind closed doors than defend it out in the open.  We can't let them do that. 

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Life Links 7/9/15

A Florida woman who shot herself in the stomach, killing her unborn child at 36 weeks, is claiming she didn’t think the gun was loaded.  I'm interested to see how abortion advocates will react.  It's her body, her choice, right? 

Ruiz's husband walked into the bedroom on Interchange Drive and saw her pointing the gun at her abdomen, police said.

He tried to wrestle the gun out of her hands, but it went off, piercing his hand, her torso, and the stomach of the unborn child, police said.

Ruiz was rushed to Holmes Regional Medical Center, where doctors performed an emergency Caesarean section. But the baby did not survive.

The Brevard County Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide by a gunshot wound.

In medical examiner's records, he listed as Baby Boy Ruiz, age 0.

Two Canadian hospitals performed abortions on a girl before she turned 13 and never reported sexual abuse.  The girl was repeatedly victimized by her stepfather and he was only caught when arrested assaulting other victims. 

At the time, her stepfather had sole custody of her and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

Each time she got pregnant, she had an abortion; once at a Winnipeg hospital and once at a hospital out of province.

Court documents show the girl was instructed to tell medical staff her boyfriend was the father. 

Some abortion advocates are really excited about a bill that won’t even get a committee hearing. 

I love this passage from Planned Parenthood employee Huffington Post reporter Laura Bassett considering her previous writings on abortion coverage in Obamacare. 
But the passage of Obamacare seemed to alert Republican lawmakers to the fact that abortion was being covered in insurance plans, and more than 20 GOP-led state legislatures have since passed laws banning private insurance companies from covering abortion.

Yes, they just realized that private insurance companies coverage abortion and never knew that beforehand.  It had nothing to do with the fact that Obamacare subsidized (with taxpayer money) insurance plans that cover abortion unless states prevented that.  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Activists aren’t pushing the “good abortion” stories says abortion activist who talks about “good abortions” a few days later.

This is too much.  On June 12th, the Washington Post published a self-defeating piece by Jill Filipovic which used the examples of a politician who lost by 26%, a movie that flopped despite inordinate pro-abortion support and another politician who was lost and was almost universally ridiculed for making abortion the center point of his campaign to argue how the new abortion advocates will end the stigma on abortion by being more forthright when talking about abortion. 

In her piece, Filipovic also mentioned how the new generation of abortion advocates aren’t going to focus solely on “good abortions” anymore (my emphasis).
While advocacy organizations have long used the horrors of dangerous pre-Roe abortions and particularly tragic stories of rape or severe fetal abnormalities to illustrate the need for abortion rights, younger women are pushing back on what they call the narrative of “the good abortion.” Instead, they’re talking about the whole range of their experiences, including the nearly 90 percent of elective abortions that occur during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Most women who terminate pregnancies aren’t facing life-threatening tragedies but rather more mundane ones: The most common reasons women give include not being financially ready, poor timing for a baby, issues with a partner and the need to care for the children they already have. Activists say playing down that reality — and the importance of abortion services for all women — contributes to the stigma that keeps abortion shameful and politically contentious.

Today (June 17th) that same abortion advocates writes in Cosmopolitan about abortion funds and uses a “good abortion” story to support how claim for how important they are. 
Last month, Alicia*, a 23-year-old who recently moved to Idaho, found out she was pregnant. The guy she was dating lived in another state, and at first she didn't tell him. Then when he came to visit to her, he got so drunk and violent the secret came out when she was pleading with him not to hit her. He accused her of lying, called her a series of derisive names, told her he didn't care what she did, and drove off. They haven't spoken since.

Notice the focus on the dire details in the woman's life. She recently moved to Idaho.  The father of the child is supposedly a violent drunk who called her names.  This is a "good abortion" designed to make you feel sorry for the woman. 
She then uses another one:
"I had a call from a gal in Boise, Idaho, probably five years ago," said Pencke, who lives in Seattle. "She was living in a one-room apartment with her 18-month-old son. I could hardly get her to talk at first. She just answered monosyllabically. She was pregnant? Yes. She wanted to be? No. She was married? Yes."

The woman's husband had more or less abandoned her, taking a job as a long-haul trucker in Alaska, and periodically sending small amounts of money; he had gotten her pregnant when he came home for a weekend. She only had a little bit of food in her home. She was afraid to tell her husband she was pregnant because he might get upset and hit her.
Surprise, surprise.  The abortion advocate who bragged about the supposed pushing back against the "good abortion" narrative is pushing another "good abortion" narrative where the woman has been abandoned by her supposedly violent husband in a one-room apartment with little food.

The underlying message is that "she obviously needs an abortion" as oppose to the supposed new message about "the importance of abortion services for all women."

Then there is this story which basically only a sociopath would use as an example of the great work of abortion funds.
"We had a 16-year-old undocumented young woman and her father contact us," Atwater said. "He is a single father, also undocumented, and living in Idaho. The daughter had just found out she was pregnant, and based on an estimate of her very irregular period, she thought she was 18 weeks. She scheduled an appointment with the closest provider who offered 18-week procedures, which was in Portland, so they packed up their stuff, got in the car, drove to five hours or so to Portland for the procedure, and got there and found out she was actually 25 weeks and not 18 weeks. So they had to drive to Seattle for an appointment the next day [to the only clinic in the area that would perform a procedure after 24.5 weeks] and they planned to sleep in their car. The ultimate price was $4,500."

CAIR, along with the National Abortion Federation and an Oregon-based abortion fund, were able to help them cover the cost.

Bragging about helping a girl electively abort a viable child. That is seriously deranged. 

Also, does anyone else wonder about the possibilities of this girl being the victim of incest?  Father involved in contacting the funds, young (who knows if she was actually 16 since she was undocumented), very far along in her pregnancy.  That possibility probably never crossed the mind of the abortion funds which doled out the money.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Life Links 6/3/15

Via Dallas Morning News
In Dallas, four family members have been arrested for a horrific crime.  They allegedly beat a 14-year-old girl who has 8-months pregnant for 6 hours to cause the death of her unborn child who was conceived after the girl was raped by a family member.  When the child was delivered stillborn, they tried to dispose of the baby by burning the child on a charcoal grill. 
The hours-long attack allegedly occurred in 2013, but the girl stayed quiet until another woman, who said she witnessed part of the assault, took her to a police station May 22.

The girl said she became pregnant after she was sexually assaulted by a family member in August 2012 in the 1200 block of North Masters Drive, near Lake June Road, according to an affidavit.

She told police she was a virgin before she was raped and “did not tell anyone about the sexual assault because … she was embarrassed.”

Police said the girl’s relatives found out between January and March 2013 that she was pregnant and “became very nervous and were concerned about … [Child Protective Services] removing children from the residence,” the affidavit says.

Canadian abortionist Wee Lim Sim has agreed to stop practicing after his “cluttered and unhygienic" endangered patients. 
He agreed to resign from the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, and never re-apply, after admitting to professional misconduct. The committee went on to "roundly condemn" his ineffective infection control, improper delegation to his staff, poor record keeping, and rude, aggressive style of communication. Sim's only response to the reprimand was "Thank you sir." Outside the hearing room, however, he was flippant and dismissive of the misconduct to which he had just admitted.

Here’s more background and a picture of Sim in his obviously cluttered clinic.  

Via Wayne Cuddington/Ottawa Citizen

An abortion clinic in Australia is trying to prevent prolife protesters from protesting.

The clinic, the court heard, wanted the council to use its power to demand names and addresses from protesters and to issue them with prohibition notices, or to consider imposing exclusion zones similar to those outside abortion clinics in parts of the US and Canada.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tiny arms and legs won't change this one's mind

Writing at Salon, freelance writer Amy Beeman describes her past job working at an abortion clinic and the first woman she saw have an abortion (my emphasis).        
I followed my trainer to the lab where products of conception (P.O.C.) were inspected to make sure the doctor removed all the bits that, if left behind, could cause an infection. My trainer made a point to show me the tiny arms and legs floating in the glass baking pan. At 10 weeks and beyond, those appendages are formed and clearly recognizable.

It was all so heavy. The loneliness of those little arms and legs. That girl, so clearly suffering during the procedure. Before my job at the clinic, my stance on abortion had been so black and white. I had been firmly pro-choice for as long as I could remember. Was it possible that working here could change my mind?
Of course not.  This piece is in Salon (my emphasis). 
Abortion is fraught with so much negative sentiment, and in a sense, abortion is plucking a life from existence that has yet to have the opportunity to thrive. No one is claiming it’s pleasant. There is nothing black and white about abortion. It’s every shade of gray. But for us pro-choicers, the woman’s life trumps the embryo or fetus. That’s the bottom line. We place value on a woman’s ability to know what is best for her. It simply needs to be a safe and legal option.

In a sense?  No.  In reality.  

What I noticed is how Beeman admitted earlier that the unborn have tiny arms and legs, yet goes on to use the intentionally dehumanizing term “unwanted growth” to describe them as if the human individual these arms and legs were torn from was like a wart on a foot.
Seeing every side, the whole complicated and profound process, I came out more pro-choice than ever. I started to see it from a purely biological standpoint. We were removing an unwanted growth to preserve the woman’s chosen course.
This seems to be a somewhat common phenomenon with pro-choicers who recognize the humanity of the unborn. On one hand, they’ll admit the unborn are living human beings (or something similar) and then go on to argue in favor of abortion from a bodily autonomy viewpoint.  However, they later use terms which intentionally dehumanize the unborn.  Beeman even laughably claims this is a "purely biological standpoint" as if her rhetoric had anything to do with biology. 

I always wonder why.  If the bottom line is that a woman's life (well, not really her life but how she wants to live her life) trumps the life of the unborn then why the need to intentionally dehumanize the unborn? 

My thought is that the idea that a woman should be able to kill the helpless human being living inside for whatever reason she wants is not a position most people are comfortable defending even if that's the actual reason they favor legal abortion.  It's much easier to push those tiny arms and legs aside and imagine the unborn as a bunion or a pimple because making the bodily autonomy argument is much easier if another human being isn't being torn apart.   

Friday, May 08, 2015

Con artist tricked Arizona into paying for her late term abortion, child born alive

It seems that doctors and government don't often do a very good job of checking up on things.  

A convicted con artist duped the state into paying for her late-term abortion, a procedure which otherwise would not have been funded with public money, according to court records.

Chalice Renee Zeitner made up a story about having cancer in order to qualify for an abortion while on Arizona’s Medicaid insurance, and forged a doctor’s note to support her claim, according to charging documents.

A doctor performed the abortion when Zeitner was 22-weeks pregnant......

They realized they got conned when she went to the same doctor to deliver a child a year later and the doctor noticed she didn't have cancer.  Why it took 3-4 years from that point to issue charges isn't explained.

Here's the saddest part.
Zeitner’s aborted child was born alive, weighing just more than one pound, documents state.

“The baby lived for approximately 20 minutes and received no life-saving measure by hospital staff,” according to documents.