Monday, October 22, 2007

Life Links 10/22/07

The Stand to Reason Blog and ProlifeBlogs have multiple posts discussing what went on and what was said by various political candidates and conservative commentators at FRC's Washington Briefing: Value Voters Summit.

Who wants to bet that Katha Pollitt never read the WHO/Alan Guttmacher "study" on worldwide abortion? It's amazing how I haven't seen a single pro-choicer mention how the numbers for illegal abortions were derived from estimates based on estimates of estimates. Maybe that's because very few of them have actually taken the time to read the study? It's amazing how Pollitt goes to the American Life League for their response instead of National Right to Life, huh? Next time a pro-choicer says that making abortion illegal does nothing (or virtually nothing) to lower the abortion rate, ask them if it has any effect on the abortion ratio. The next time they say the Netherlands has the lowest abortion rate in the world, ask them to show proof that the abortion rate in the Netherlands is lower than the abortion rate in Ireland or Malta.

Researchers in Italy are using adult stem cells to help patients with eye problems and a rare ski disorder.

Wesley Smith has a Jesse Ramirez update.

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