Monday, May 16, 2005

Pro-choice Ads Removed from Nickelodeon

The pro-choice ads that had been running on Nickelodeon and other networks in Grand Rapids area have been removed from stations aimed at children.

My contact, who sent a letter to Nickelodeon, received a phone call from Nickelodeon's main office in New York apologizing for the mishap. It seems that the fault lies with the cable provider, Comcast, who allowed the ads to be played locally on cable networks aimed at children.

Right now it isn't certain if the pro-choice group intentionally bought ads on Nickelodeon or if they purchased an ad buy that plays commercials on a wide variety of cable channels. From my limited knowledge of television ad buys, I am fairly certain that when you purchase an ad buy you receive a listing of which channels the ads will be on, how many times they will play over the course of your buy and approximately when they will play.

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