Friday, May 27, 2005

Glenn Stassen "grateful" for AGI study that refutes his statistics

But my favorite "statistician" still can't let go. In his recent letter to, whose web site discusses the continuing "abortions have increased under Bush" baloney, Stassen says that the AGI study "symbolizes what I have been saying: the decline of abortions is clearly stalling in 2001 and 2002 is clearly stalling in contrast with the 1990s."

Huh? I promote bad statistics saying that the number of abortions have gone up under Bush but now a study that shows abortions have decreased under Bush "symbolizes" what I said? According to Stassen, Bush is no longer responsible for the non-existent increase in abortion but now he's to blame for the stalling of the abortion decrease.

In his letter, Stassen says he affirms the AGI's "methods and their study." One of the AGI's methods was to remove the inconsistent abortion statistics from Colorado and Arizona which were the main fuel behind Stassen's "abortion increased" claim. Maybe Stassen should admit that using those statistics from Colorado and Arizona was wrong and not very statistician-like.

Michelle Malkin adds that Hillary is still holding on to this myth. Kind of like Charles Heston and that gun in his cold, dead hand.

Michelle enquires, "Neither Inside Politics host Judy Woodruff nor Meet the Press host Tim Russert challenged these unsubstantiated claims.

Nor did any other MSM reporter or news anchor. According to Nexis database, the only people to mention the Guttmacher study were the editorial writers at the New York Sun and columnist Rich Lowry.

Do you think the MSM would have ignored the study if it had shown an increase in the number of abortions rather than a decrease?"

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