Thursday, May 19, 2005

Jay Leno's Wife Takes Cheap Shot at the Unborn

During a recent fundraising luncheon for Planned Parenthood of Southeast Michigan, Mavis Leno, whose talk was focused on the women of Afghanistan, threw in this cheap shot:

"Our current conservative, religious government is obsessed with women on life support and with fetuses because they are imaginary people," as opposed to acknowledging the rights of everyday women, she said. "The way things are going in this country, there may come a day when we need the women of Afghanistan to speak for us."

Imaginary people? That's right, Mavis. Terri Schiavo and other people on life support don't really exist. They're figments of prolife imaginations. Those fetuses, well, they don't exist either. That movement women feel in their tummies, that must be an error of their sense of feeling. Who needs ultrasounds when we can just take the word of a famous comedian's wife?

But that's the method of many pro-choice people's madness. Just act like the unborn don't exist. It's much easier pretending the unborn are imaginary people than actually dealing with prolife arguments.

I also love how Mavis takes shots at the Bush administration when it was the Bush administration that removed the Taliban from power.

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  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Hello. I'm a pro-life person and I'd like to advise you to stop using the term, fetus, because of its dehumanizing effect. Embryo and fetus both have this effect. They are so clinical-sounding that it just makes it easier for pro-infanticiders to make the issue more abstract and, consequently, seemingly less horrific than it really is.