Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kwame Kilpatrick's Konundrum

Michelle Malkin is discussing the resigning of big cities mayors including the hopeful, though doubtful resignation of Detroit's Kwame Kilpatrick. The Detroit Free Press is reporting this morning that Kilpatrick "charged more that $210,000 to his city-issued credit card in less than three years on the job."

Many of the charges where at fancy eateries like "$319 at Ozio Restaurant & Lounge, a chic Art Deco cigar and martini bar that caters to celebrities" and "$292 at the Capital Grille, a swanky restaurant that boasts that it ‘isn't just the place to be seen, it's the place to be seen having a fabulous time.'"

The article also discusses instances where Kwame boozed it up on the city's dime.

"Two instances in which Kilpatrick provided such receipts for meals showed that alcohol had been charged to the city's credit card in an apparent violation of city policy."

"On March 31, 2002, records show a bottle of Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial champagne, four Malibu Rum drinks and three shots of Chambord liqueur were charged to Kilpatrick's city credit card at Justin's Restaurant & Bar in Atlanta."

You'd think if someone made $176,176 a year, they'd be able to buy their own drinks. We'll see if this latest story along with the $57,000 Lincoln Navigator fiasco and the $230-million shortfall in Detroit's budget will hurt Kilpatrick come election time.

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