Thursday, May 12, 2005

Planned Parenthood's Blogger is Having a Boy!

A guest blogger at Planned Parenthood's "Now What?" blog has announced that the regular blogger is going to have a baby boy.

It's not quite clear to me if the blogger herself is pregnant or if her partner (the not-so specific gender language makes me wonder if the the partner is a woman) is pregnant.

Remember the old days when you had to wait until a baby was born to know its sex? Those days are gone. Our regular blogger is off doing her job, so my guest blogger self gets to break the big news around the office: Now What?! is having a boy!!

Yes, our resident blogger and her partner will be the proud parents of a baby boy come ... let's see here...October? November? Something like that. And yes, they already have a name picked out.

What's the name? No, it's not Cletus the Fetus or Joe the Embryo. It's William. They can already tell that their child is a boy even though they're not likely to admit that it is a child. How surreal would it be to see the Planned Parenthood staff all surrounding the Now What? blogger, looking at her ultrasounds, and feeling her stomach?

You wonder if someone who over the next months will be seeing ultrasounds and feeling the kicks of her child will be as open to promoting abortion as she usually is.

Here's an old Dawn Eden post that thoroughly fisks the Now What! bloggers take on Focus on the Family helping CPCs get ultrasound machines.

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