Thursday, May 05, 2005

Not so equal branches

Here's a cartoon by Jim Morin which shows the President along with two individuals (who appear to be Bill Frist and Tom Delay) cutting down a tree. Notice the level of the different governmental branches. Instead of the branches being the same height, the judicial branch is much higher. There is almost double the distance between the executive and judicial branches when compared to the distance between the executive and legislative branchs (though this doubling of distance could be for artistic reasons). This cartoon openly shows the bias that many people in our society have for the judicial branch of government. Instead of seeing 3 equal branches, many people think that somehow the judicial branch is deserving of greater respect and power, that somehow judges are endowed with some special knowledge not held by the "lower" branches. Judges are seen as higher in the food chain or higher up on the tree of knowledge or power.

I say cut away George. Bring the judicial branch back to its rightful position on a equal level with the other branches.

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