Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sometimes Apples Fall Really Far from Trees

If you want another reason to dislike Newsweek or wonder at how some of Reagan's children could have turned out how they did, read Patti Davis' attempt at a column on embryonic stem cell research.

She is either amazingly ignorant of something she attempts to write about or is so obsessed with the supposed "potential" of embryonic stem cell research that she is forced to lie in order to make her position seem morally superior.

Patti with her plethora of scientific knowledge informs us that in-vitro fertilization creates "clusters of cells" not embryos and that President Bush is wrong to call these human embryos clusters of cells "human" because they will never "actually grow into little boys and girls." I wish I could be in where Patti tells that to women like Suzanne Murray, Sharon Tesdall, Kate Johnson, and Cara Vest.

"President Bush’s “compromise” in August 2001 has yielded nothing. He agreed to let the already existing stem cell lines be used for research--about 60 lines. But out of those only 15 turned out to be available and they are reportedly contaminated with non-human molecules, potentially rendering them useless."

He let? That implies that Bush allowed the legalization of this type of research when he actually allowed taxdollars to pay for this research which was already legal. 15 stem cell lines? You'd think someone would actually do some basic research before writing a column. Actually Patti, according to the National Institutes of Health there are 22 embryonic stem cell lines scientists can perform federally funded research on.

Here's another whopper.

"So, we are losing some of the best minds we have because they aren't able to do their work here."

They are able to do there work. Embryonic stem cell research isn't illegal in this country. Some embryonic stem cell research even receives federal funds. You have to wonder why, if this research is as promising as Patti claims, haven't private companies in the US stepped up to hire the best minds and pay them to find the cures?

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