Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kwame's Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar

The Detroit Free Press has unveiled some more of Kwame Kilpatrick's frivolous spending habits with the City of Detroit's credit card.

The $850 steakhouse dinner.

The $836 charged to the city's credit card for his sister's stay in New Orleans.

The $3,837 he spent on chauffeured sedans over four days.

The $11,644 he dropped on Super Bowl hotel rooms.

It seems that the Mayor and his office withheld information on these charges in violation of the Freedom of Information Act. The files given to the Free Press were edited with a black marker and pages were missing. The Free Press obtained the complete information from Detroit Auditor General Joseph Harris. The complete information shows, even more than the exorbitant meals in the first report, Kilpatrick's tendency to live it up while the city he "serves" eeks by.

Other charges on the Detroit city-issued credit card included charges of $474 and $472 at "Dream, a chic, multilevel nightclub in Washington, D.C." and "$52.55 for Pearl Moon swimwear and $265 at the Four Seasons Spa for him and bodyguard Mike Martin,"

The mayor, who said he will write the check today, already has reimbursed the city for some of the charges -- nearly three years after they were made and on the same day city lawyers agreed to provide financial records to the Free Press.

It's nice to know the Mayor is so willing to repay the city now after the public is aware of his lavish lifestyle.

Kwame Kilpatrick's Konundrum
How will Kwame dig his way out?

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