Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Democrats for Life's Plan

In late April, Democrats for Life released its plan to reduce abortions by 95% in the next 10 years.

The plan is broken into two parts: Empower Women and Protect Our Children.

Empower Women

* Federal Funding for Toll-Free Number Pregnancy Support/National Public Awareness Program
* Conduct a National Study on Why Women Choose Abortions & Update Abortion Data
* Federal Funding for Pregnancy Prevention Education
* Federal Funding for Abortion Counseling and Daycare on University Campuses
* Provide Accurate Information to Patients Receiving a Positive Result from an Alpha-Fetoprotein Test tests.
* Make Adoption Tax Credits Permanent
* Ban Pregnancy as a "Pre-Existing Condition" in the Health Care Industry
* Require Adoption Referral Information
* Women's Right to Know
* Provide Ultrasound Equipment
* Increase Funding for Domestic Violence Programs
* Contraception Equity

Protect our Children

* Fully Fund Federal WIC Program
* Require Parental Notification for Abortions
* Provide Grants to States to Help in the Promotion and Implementation of Safe Haven Laws
* Require Counseling in Maternity Group Homes
* Require SCHIP to cover pregnant women

No legislation has been introduced as far as I can tell so many of the policy initiatives are a little vague but they should be mostly agreeable to those in the prolife community especially those initiatives that are already on the books in numerous states (parental consent and informed consent) and the initiatives that help crisis pregnancy centers and adoption. Requiring "insurance coverage of contraception approved by the Food and Drug Administration" would not be a favorite among some and the language of "provide grants to school districts that are in need of funds to administer effective, age-appropriate pregnancy prevention education" could invoke the suspicions of others but for the most part they are good initiatives designed to help women and protect children.

I don't think that if all enacted they would reduce abortion by 95% but they would definitely be helpful in limiting the demand for abortion and helping women who are in an unplanned pregnancy find the resources they need to choose life.


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