Thursday, May 19, 2005

Customized or Cloned?

The AP story on the newest batch of cloned embryos created by South Korean scientists is the newest in a never ending batch of stories on cloning and embryonic stem cell research that hides what is actually happening until the middle or end of the story.

Notice the headline: "Scientists Create Customized Stem Cells"

Why isn't the headline "Scientists Create Cloned Human Beings and Killed Them by Removing Their Stem Cells" or merely "Scientists Create Cloned Embryos?"

Now the Seoul scientists have cloned patient-specific stem cells, important if doctors are to develop cell-based therapies that won't be rejected by the body's immune system.

You do not clone stem cells. You clone embryos which are then killed for their stem cells.

Not until more than half way thru the article do we learn that, "Culling stem cells destroys the days-old embryo harboring them, regardless of whether that embryo was cloned or left over in a fertility clinic."

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