Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Michigan House Passes Ultrasound Bill

On May 24, the Michigan House of Representatives passed H.B. 4446 by the wide margin of 69 to 37. H.B. 4446 would require abortionists to allow women the opportunity to view a live ultrasound image of their unborn child and also allow them to have a picture of their unborn child. Women can refuse to see this image if they would like.

This bill puts Michigan's pro-choice governor, Jennifer Granholm, in a tricky spot. After continually spouting during the 2002 election that she was "personally prolife" and against abortion but politically pro-choice, Granholm has vetoed a bill to define legal birth when any portion of a child is outside the mother and vetoed a bill that would have prevented judge shopping on parental consent bypasses. Will she be able to keep this line up if she continues to veto mainstream prolife bills which don't make abortion illegal?

During the debate (scroll 2/3 to 3/4 of the way down) over this bill, pro-choice representative Alma Smith had this to say:

Current law mandates that a health care provider show a woman seeking an abortion 'a medically accurate depiction, illustration or photograph and description' of an embryo at the same gestational age as her own. This bill's ultrasound requirement introduces a compulsory, potentially risky procedure that results in an image which will add no new information. It is even more unreasonable when we understand that 62% of women seeking abortions have already carried at least one pregnancy to full term: they know what a baby is.

So women who've already given birth know that they are choosing to end the life of a baby when they have an abortion?

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