Friday, March 07, 2008

Life Links 3/7/08

Kelly Holloway attempts to defend her actions to cancel an abortion debate at York University in Canada. Her defense is incredibly weak. It basically boils down to: "I'm pro-choice and most people are too. The prolife debater is part of group which previously displayed photos of aborted children at another university which I and other students didn't like." Holloway also asserts (without evidence) the graphic pictures are fake.

The Birmingham News highlights a clinical trial in which adult stem cells are inject into patients with heart problems.

Brooklyn Law School is holding a symposium today with 2 groups of 4 participants to discuss the recent ruling in Gonzales v. Carhart on partial-birth abortion. Guess how many of the eight participants are prolife. Come on guess.



How about zero. And I wonder why some pro-choice law students have difficulty grasping and grappling with the prolife position.

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