Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life Links 3/25/08

You know those stories which make you realize that you're not doing enough? This is one of them. Tong Phuoc Phuc and his family put me to shame.

Tom Oleson of the Winnipeg Free Press gets to the heart of Robert Latimer's case and the dangers of agreeing with people who commit murder in the name of "compassion."
The third -- Robert Latimer's crime -- is doing it for someone unasked, killing a person without their instruction or consent because you think they would be better off dead. Because there is no consent, this might be more accurately described as doing it to someone, rather than for her; it is most accurately described as premeditated murder and the day that Canadians come to consider it as the "right" thing to do, as Latimer asks us to, will not only be a dark day for Canadians who are disabled, but an even darker one for those who are not.

Scientists in Britain want to meet with clergy in the hopes of alleviating their concerns about creating and killing human-animal hybrid embryos for stem cell research. The problem seems to be that the scientists have some difficulty understanding the opposition to this research.

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