Monday, March 10, 2008

Life Links 3/10/08

Wesley Smith on our Me!, Me! Me! culture and the culture of death.
A deaf couple wants their children to be deaf because it fulfills their desire to be part of a subculture, so out go their other embryonic offspring into the medical waste container. Other parents demand a child without disability--even if it means resorting to late term abortion or infanticide. If someone experiences a profound brain injury, we take away their food and water based on their quality of life, and call it medical ethics.

What is being lost in all of this solipsism and neurotic obsession with control is the concept of true community. We are not islands onto ourselves but part of a whole. Some of the best things that happen in life turn out to be those things we didn't want and didn't expect. Each and every one of us belongs. None should be considered discardable refuse.

I'm struggling to understand why prolifers would protest the premiere of a movie (Horton Hears a Who) which has a prolife theme.

A lawsuit by a former Planned Parenthood employee claims Planned Parenthood affiliates in California illegally billed the state of California and the federal government $180 million for birth control.
The billing manual for California's Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment program, for example, says providers must bill "at cost" for oral contraceptives.

Planned Parenthood, however, billed the government several times more than it paid for the drugs, the lawsuit says, seeking what is known as a "usual and customary" fee that allows for the cost of storing and dispensing the drugs.

The state paid Planned Parenthood clinics more for every monthly pill cycle dispensed, on average, than it paid other public and private providers, according to a report commissioned by the state in 2004.

Ed Whelan reviews Barack Obama's thoughts on the Constitution and judicial nominees.

Ann at Feministing thinks it's funny that Congressman Rick Renzi's insurance company apparently took insurance payments from prolife organizations and funneled the money into his campaign. I think you have to be pretty sick to think it's funny when groups (whatever their views on the abortion issue may be) get ripped off to provide money for political campaigns. Also, take some time to read the comments to get a grasp of how ignorant some of Feministing's commentors are regarding pregnancy centers. Apparently, they're all the same - all they do is lie and maybe provide diapers. I guess in Ann's mind it's funny that prolife pregnancy centers (which supposedly spend all their funds lying to women) were lied to by a prolife congressman.

Jen at Turn the Clock Forward has a shorter version of Amanda Marcotte's recent column. Hilarious. The lengths Amanda will go to in order to attack people who oppose abortion are just mind-blowing.

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