Monday, March 17, 2008

Life Links 3/17/08

England's Royal College of Psychiatrists has issued a statement noting that while there is no conclusive evidence regarding abortion and mental health, there are some studies which "identify a range of mental disorders following abortion." The statement also notes that "Healthcare professionals who assess or refer women who are requesting an abortion should assess for mental disorder and for risk factors that may be associated with its subsequent development" and "Consent (for an abortion) cannot be informed without the provision of adequate and appropriate information regarding the possible risks and benefits to physical and mental health. " Here's the article from the London Times with reactions from various groups.

Here's a story about a young Canadian woman whose multiple sclerosis was treated with adult stem cells. According to the article, early results of the clinical trial will be published in the summer.
According to Bowman, one patient died as a result of the chemotherapy (which is so strong, patients have a one in 20 chance of dying). Of the 16 living patients, three have reported some progression of the disease since undergoing treatment, while the remaining 13 have experienced health improvements.

At the RH Reality Check blog, Jeff Fecke shares the thoughts of a pro-choice seminarian who had an abortion in her 20's.
"Choice is what makes us human," she said. "The choice to regulate our own family is a way to love."......"I have never regretted my choice to terminate that pregnancy," Clement said to a quiet congregation. "It was the most loving thing I could do."

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