Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life Links 3/26/08

Abortionist Alberto Hodari has been given what I wouldn't even call "a slap on the wrist" (more like a tap on the wrist) for dumping medical waste and the bodies of aborted children in his dumpster. He received a letter saying he needed to retrain his staff.

The trial of a teacher accused of having sex with a student and taking that student to an abortion clinic when she became pregnant is underway in Australia.

Jen at Turn the Clock Forward links to an article in the Daily Illini about a college student who decided to keep her baby and continue going to school after taking a semester off. Jen also notes the response of some pro-choicers in the comments section of the article.

The state of Illinois is having trouble documenting the grants it provided for embryonic stem cell research. The article never uses the term "embryonic."

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