Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Life Links 3/5/08

Sherif Girgis (a Princeton student) has some questions for Barack Obama.
1. The heart whose beating is stilled in every abortion — is it a human heart?

2. The tiny limbs torn by the abortionist’s scalpel — are they human limbs?

3. The blood that flows from the fetus’s veins — is it human blood?

If the stopped heart is a human heart, if the torn limbs are human limbs, if the spilled blood is human blood, can there be any denying that what is killed in an abortion is a human being?

The Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health have a campaign where participants can send thank you cards to back-alley butchers "pre-Roe physicians."

Wesley Smith highlights the result of a study which interviewed the families of individuals who choose to end their life by assisted suicide.
Well a new study has come out about what family members of those who died by assisted suicide in Oregon say the reasons were for their loved ones' hastening their deaths. As previous studies have shown, it has very little to do with pain and almost everything to do with fear about future suffering.

MIT scientist and embryonic stem cell critic James Sherley spoke out against abortion recently at Tufts University.

The Supreme Court in Brazil will decide if embryonic stem cell research violates the country's constitution.

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