Monday, March 31, 2008

Life Links 3/31/08

The State News (Michigan State University's paper) has an article about the drive to legalize the killing of human embryos for research in Michigan. One MSU professor is quoted as calling embryonic stem cells the "Rosetta Stone of life." Too bad all that funding and hype hasn't translated into any successful treatments.

Apparently, Barack Obama thinks babies are some kind of punishment for women who get pregnant when they aren't planning to.

Ann Furendi, chief executive of Britian's top abortion provider has a column entitled, "Why rising abortion rates are a good sign" to explain why the rising rates of abortion in Britain is a good thing for the country. I guess "safe, legal and rare" doesn't work for British abortion providers. Furendi's basic thinking seems to go like this: "Many people are having sex who don't want kids now or possibly ever, some people don't want kids now because they don't think they could give everything they want to their child, contraception is great but doesn't work all the time and some people aren't good at using it, so in cases where contraception doesn't work or isn't taken - abortion is a good back-up because it means that more people who don't want kids aren't having them." The problem with this thinking is that from step one, it assumes the unborn aren't children.

The Associated Press picked up on the story of Tong Phuoc Phuc over the weekend but their web site currently says the story not available.

Wesley Smith on the new way Dutch doctors are killing their patients:
Demonstrating the subversive nature of the euthanasia/assisted suicide movement on proper medical care, Dutch doctors are switching from lethally injecting patients to sedating them into a permanent coma so they die by dehydration over a period of days or weeks.

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