Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life Links 3/20/08

The Telegraph has a short story on repeat abortion statistics among British teens. The Daily Mail has a longer article on repeat abortions among all ages.
As campaigners claimed that termination had become just another form of contraception, figures showed that about 1,300 women had at least their fifth last year.

Almost 950 of those having a termination had already had four. Almost 200 had already had five, 110 had had six before - and 54 seven or more.

In the meantime, half of the hospitals with maternity wards in Britain have turned away a pregnant woman in labor. Woo-hoo for socialized medicine!

Will the most immediate use of embryonic stem cells be to treat patients? Nope! From a story in The Mercury News:
The most immediate application for stem cells will be to determine the toxicity of potential pharmaceuticals, Klein said. The reason stem cells are needed is that testing the safety of drugs in animals is notoriously unreliable. Agents that seem safe in rodents are often dangerous to humans.
Also, from the story:
Harvard University researcher George Daley said: "There will never be a time when we don't need human embryonic stem cells. There may be - one day - a particular method that does not need embryos. But it will never obviate the value for human embryonic stem cells."
Is Daley making a scientific prediction here or a moral judgement?

Students for Life of America has posted a video of George Tiller at a recent pro-choice conference. The video was very difficult for me to hear but it's clear that Tiller believes abortions in which the baby is born alive aren't good techniques.

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