Monday, March 24, 2008

Life Links 3/24/08

The UK's Telegraph has an editorial about the need to rethink their nation's abortion policy.
In some parts of the country, as many as one teenage girl in every 23 has had an abortion. Whatever is required to get the rate of teenage pregnancy down in Britain, it is clearly not being done.

When abortion became legal 40 years ago, its advocates insisted it would not lead to the procedure becoming widespread, or being used as an alternative to contraception. But that is precisely what happened.
I'm still waiting for some pro-choice blogger or group to try to blame the high rates of teen pregnancy/abortion in Britain on abstinence education.

Wesley Smith provides some more details about the experiment using stem cells from cloned mice embryos to treat mice with Parkinson's.

Steven Malanga on poverty:
Given that a significant body of research now shows that children raised in two-parent, married families do better in school, are less likely to wind up in jail, and are less likely to end up on welfare, the startling racial divide in marriage tells us that a new generation of children, especially blacks, are growing up destined to struggle academically, in the job market, and in forming their own families. And policy prescriptions like a higher minimum wage or tax credits are unlikely to help many of these kids. What they mostly need is another parent—usually a father.

While government can't give them that, candidates can at least give us some straight talk on poverty. But it's easier, it seems, to blame the woes of the poor on the "excessive" profits of greedy corporations, or on so-called underhanded mortgage brokers taking advantage of low-income borrowers.

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