Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life Links 3/27/08

Nat Hentoff takes on Barack Obama over his comments regarding Terri Schiavo.

The UK's Telegraph reports that hundreds of children in Britain survive each year after being born before Britain's legal abortion time-limit of 24 weeks.
Department of Health data show that 909 children were born between 22 and 24 weeks of pregnancy during 2005. Of those, 250 survived for at least a year.

The VietNamNet Bridge has a story about and pictures of Tong Phuoc Phuc, his cemetery for the unborn and the home where women and their children stay.

Despite abandoning human cloning for research efforts for induced pluripotent stem cell research, Ian Wilmut is still promoting human cloning and human-animal hybrid cloning research in England. Wilmut is quoted as saying,
"To me, and I suspect the majority of people in 21st century Britain, a human being is someone who is aware.

The fundamental thing is that (the hybrid embryo] is not a human being."
I guess I became a non-human being when I conked out on the couch last night while watching American Idol. Why does it always seem like scientists fail so poorly when they try to treat their shabbily argued philosophical beliefs as if they were scientific beliefs?

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