Thursday, March 06, 2008

Life Links 3/6/08

Douglas Groothuis on Recovery for Fetus Fatigue:
Evangelicals (if that word has any meaning), for God's sake, please wake up and remember the acres of tiny corpses you cannot see. Yes, the Christian social vision is holistic. We should endeavor to restore shalom to this beleaguered planet. That includes helping Africa, preserving the environment, and much more. However, the leading domestic moral issue remains the value of helpless human life. Since Roe v. Wade, approximately 50 million unborn humans have been killed through abortion. Stalin said, "One death is a tragedy. A million dead is a statistic." Too many are now Stalinists on abortion. The numbers mean nothing, apparently.

A young boy with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa has been treated with stem cells from his healthy brother's bone marrow. Recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa is described as a "painful and devastating condition that causes the skin to blister and fall off at the slightest touch." It will take weeks before doctors will know if the treatment is working.

This letter to the editor of the National Post defending Kelly Holloway's decision to prevent an abortion debate has one of the most duh!!! paragraphs ever. For some reason, Muriel Beauroy thinks that reminding prolifers that a lot of women are currently in various stages of pregnancy would lead prolifers to avoid defending their beliefs.

Jill Stanek has an update on the case of Belkis Gonzalez, the Florida abortion clinic owner who apparently put an infant who was born alive in a biohazard bag with bleach.

UPDATE- A couple more...

Abortion - a matter between a woman and her nurse practitioner? Maybe not for much longer in Arizona in spite of Planned Parenthood's wishes and 8 years of using nurse practitioner to commit abortions.

One pro-choicer (who I believe is from England) writes about her frustrations with certain actions by other pro-choicers at a recent pro-choice demonstration.
Telling the opposition what they think and getting it wrong does not help the cause. It makes us look stupid and vindictive. We don't appreciate it when they do it to us so we shouldn't do it to them.

We need to be a movement that understands what pro lifers actualy think so we can refute their actual arguments and not straw ones, we need to be a movement that doesnt use the tactics of the status quo to try and get people to change.We need to be a movement that doesnt automaticaly write pro lifers off as nasty/evil/woman hating

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