Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Julie Burkhart: Why would parents of unborn children with Down Syndrome need more information?

They're just going to get abortions anyway, right?

I think "pro-abortion" is the word to describe Julie Burkhart of ProKanDo. I'm not sure the term "pro-choice" describes a woman who attacks Senator Sam Brownback for co-sponsoring the Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act with Ted Kennedy (a slight detail Burkhart never mentions) to provide information about Down Syndrome and other genetic conditions to parents whose unborn children are diagnosed with them. The bill would also create a list of families willing to adopt children who have special needs. Here's Burkhart reason for opposing a bill which is not opposed by NARAL:
While he may be getting cheers from some, Sen. Brownback's efforts smack of an inability to grasp the difficulty of the heartbreaking choices some families must make. A diagnoses of Down Syndrome does not always mean that a family will give birth to a living child with Down's. What it can mean is that the disorder is such that their baby will die from Down's.
So according to Burkhart because his legislation wants to give more information to parents of unborn children with Down Syndrome, Brownback (and apparently Kennedy) can't grasp the difficultly of choosing to abort a child with Down Syndrome. Therefore, parents shouldn't get the information. Now that's some sound thinking.

My guess is Burkhart would prefer legislation which would give late term abortionist George Tiller's phone number to every parent who receives word their child has been diagnosed with a genetic condition.

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