Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is Terri Being "Allowed to Die?"

From Yahoo:

A few yards away, Pat Ellis, a retired nursing home aide from St. Petersburg, and Tim Harmon, 44, a Tampa hair-stylist, say they're speaking for Michael Schiavo and his effort to allow his wife to die. Ellis, who won't disclose her age, holds a sign that says: "Bravo! Courageous Judge Whittemore!" (emphasis mine)

Is Terri being allowed to die or is she being starved to death?

Why has Michael Swails been arrested in Florida? He was only allowing his cows to die.

Art Caplan further perpetuated this ridiculous position with this piece entitled, "The time has come to let Terri Schiavo die."

Here's a small community poll that clearly shows that poller doesn't get it while some people being polled clearly understand the bias in the "allowed to die" question?

National Review's John Derbyshire has also postulated this absurd notion.

The life Terri Schiavo has is not worth living. I wouldn't want to live it, and I wouldn't want anyone I care about to live it. For once, I believe, the courts have got it right. For pity's sake, let this poor woman die.

Scroll up to see Ramesh destroy Derbyshire's "let her die" baloney.

People who favor starving Terri to death can't seem to come around and say "Terri should be starved." They have to cloak it in false nuances like "let her die," "let her go" or "she shouldn't be forced to live any longer."

How long before someone charged with animal or child cruelty via malnourishment will play the "I was just letting them die" card.


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Terri being ALLOWED to die?

    NO...Terri is being forced to die!

    Back when we lived in the United States of America, and living wills first came out, we were told that we should all consider having one. Why? Because if you didn't have one and you wanted no extraordinary means taken to save your life (even if you had talked about it) then every means would be taken to keep you alive (no matter what). What happened to change that? Why is Terri being forced to die? Is it just too inconvenient to feed her through a tube. Have the judges now gotten a bee in their bonnets. It seems like sometimes these judges think they are Gods. Heaven help them if tey are ever in the same predicument!

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