Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Transcript of Michael Schiavo interview on Nightline

The transcript is available online here.

Just some tidbits from Michael:

The reason why I've been keeping private for the longest time ever here, I've always wanted to protect my wife's privacy. I don't like — I didn't want to put her picture all over the news. I just wanted to keep her private.

Uh-huh. It's not because I'm trying to have my wife starved to death. It's not because I can't handle tough questions. It's not because the more attention this case gets, the worse I look. No, no, no. It's because I want to protect the privacy of a woman I want to die.

Isn't it odd that Michael cares more about his wife's privacy than her life?

The bill to require patients to leave written directives about their wishes before having a feeding tube removed "may very well delay implementation of Terri's rights. We certainly hope that it will not. But it is beyond any doubt that the Florida Supreme Court will once again declare such a law unconstitutional.

Implentation of Terri's rights to what? To starve to death because her adulterous husband claims (after he won more than a million dollars to rehabiliate her) that's what she would have wanted?

From euthanasia advocate/Michael's attorney George Felos: Well, those funds (funds to rehabiliate Terri) have been used for Terri's medical care and guardianship expenses and costs and fees over many, many years.

By "guardianship expenses" does George mean the $400,000 that has gone to him to help Michael starve Terri to death.

More from Michael.

Actually, right now, she's listed on the indigent list for hospice. They were taking care of her. They take very good care of her.

That's why Terri had teeth pulled as the result of dental neglect.

Terry will not be starved to death. Her nutrition and hydration will be taken away. This happens across this country every day.

Death through removing somebody's nutrition is very painless. That has been brought to the courts many of times. Doctors have come in and testified. It is a very painless procedure.

Terri won't be starved to death - she just won't be given any food or water which will painlessly lead to her death. Is this guy for real?

Read the whole the whole thing. There is so much more.

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