Thursday, March 03, 2005

Prolife views around the blogsphere

It looks like Naaman and I are on the same page.

Emily at After Abortion tells us how pro-choice bloggers are upset that a Catholic Church in Colorado is burying the remains of unborn children.

I think I think John Cipriani gets it right when he asks in the comments section at Third Wave.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but abortion supporters believe the fetus is just so much tissue...right? So, why should it matter what happens to it post-abortion? It shouldn't, and the hoopla over all this is an implicit admission that it's something more than that.

Richard at Blogs for Terri discussing the circumstances around the changing of Florida's law to include of feeding someone as a "life prolonging procedure."

Planned Parenthood is featuring the story of a pro-choice activist.

Montoya-Humphrey's politics took a personal turn when, at 17, she was sexually assaulted and became pregnant. Growing up American Indian — and on a predominantly Catholic reservation — meant that, because of her personal cultural and religious beliefs, Montoya-Humphrey did not feel she could choose abortion for herself. But her personal choice never detracted from her commitment to protect the right to choose for others. In 2000, having miscarried, she took time off from school to recover, returned to New Mexico, and began volunteering at New Mexico Right to Choose/NARAL and in local tribal schools.

This is an extremely sad story but it begs the question of what cultural and religious beliefs did she hold that made her feel she didn't want to abort yet at the same time allow her to advocate and work for organizations who advocate for abortion.


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