Monday, March 28, 2005

Associated Press - Clueless as can be

The Public Theologian, a blogger named Tim Simpson who left comments here on a post of mine about Glen Stassen's faulty use of statistics was featured in an article by the Associated Press. Or at least his comments on Jollyblogger were. David Wayne who runs Jollyblogger is against the actions that are starving and dehydrating Terri Schiavo while Tim Simpson, the Public Theologian, is not.

From the AP article:

On JollyBlogger, maintained by Maryland minister David Wayne, a correspondent who calls himself ``Public Theologian'' presents a strictly pragmatic view:

``The overwhelming evidence is that she is not going to get any better. This business about her communicating verbally is bunk _ her physicians have testified repeatedly that this is not the case. If she could do this there would be no question in the matter _ the courts would simply ask her what she wanted. Her husband has the right, as next of kin, to make her health care decisions for her. Tampering with this right by conservatives will undo centuries of legal precedent by taking that out of the hands of families ...''

To the AP, someone who comments on a blog is a "correspondent." Do their editors not understand that anyone can leave a comment on most blogs? Or that commenters for the most part have no association (except possibly friendship) with the blogs they comment on?

I wonder if his mention in the AP story has boosted Tim's hits.

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