Thursday, March 03, 2005

Promoting Adoption? Heavens No!

The blogger at Planned Parenthood's is up in arms that the state of Florida is working to promote and encourage - get this horrors of horrors - adoption.

She spews forth:

"Jeb Bush is putting four million dollars into a new program that will allow women with unintended pregnancies to call a toll-free hotline to be directed to the crisis pregnancy center near them. There, they won't be given information about abortion — other than how "dangerous" or "wrong" it is — but will instead be steered toward adoption. Floridians' tax money will pay to have pregnant women lobbied by a quasi-governmental agency to choose an "abortion alternative." Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Moreover, it really sounds like "help," no? What it definitely doesn't sound like is an effort to give women the resources they'd need to make the decision to take the pregnancy to term and keep the baby."

Saveroe's blogger would prefer that this $4 million go instead to family planning organizations like Planned Parenthood because it's not like Planned Parenthood doesn't get plenty of tax dollars as it is. Their latest annual report (page 22) indicates they received $265.2 million from the government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2004. Planned Parenthood provides no adoption services but are bemoaning Florida's plans to spend $4 million to promote adoption?

We've been hearing from NARAL that pro-choicers want to reduce abortion but when a plan to promote adoption (something that could reduce the # of abortions) is introduced, Planned Parenthood grumbles.

Another interesting tidbit is that Saveroe's blogger goes after Jeb Bush when the state's Lieutenant Governor Toni Jennings, unveiled the plan.

HT: Dawn Eden

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