Monday, March 07, 2005

What really happened at the UN?

I find it interesting the different ways that pro-choice and prolife blogs/groups are discussing what happened at the United Nations regarding Beijing Platform and women's rights. Jessica at Bush v. Choice informs us that

The Associated Press reports today that “under intense global pressure” the US dropped it’s anti-choice amendment at the United Nations. Whew.

But of course they couldn’t give up everything; the administration still wanted to keep a line in that said that the Beijing Platform must not “create any new international human rights.” (Which could potentially mean abortion)

At the same time, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute is reporting that

"Many countries and abortion proponents this week reaffirmed that the Beijing Platform for Action did not create a right to abortion."


"Several other pro-abortion groups present at the meeting applauded, and their members reiterated that the Beijing documents do not create the right to abortion."

David Freddoso from CFHRI's The Thing Is blog has more on the behavior of UN delegates.

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