Friday, March 18, 2005

Abortion Stats and Abortion Proponents

Michelle Malkin has weighed in on the liberal urban legend created by Glen Stassen (among others) that abortions have increased during George W. Bush's presidency. Michelle directs readers to National Right to Life's sturdy analysis. I examined Glen's editorial before the election here and his after election attempt at statistically analysis here.

This claim seems all the rage nowadays in the pro-choice circles. It seems the strategy is that if you can't over 30+ years convince people to think that abortion is a reproductive right enshrined in some mysterious corner of the Constitution with disappearing ink then combine simplistic economic philosophies and the use faulty statistics in a faulty way to make it seem like the prolife President is responsible for an increase in abortions. That'll fool them backwoods prolifers.

The oddest thing is that after these "abortions have gone up" claims have been proven false by numerous bloggers and organizations, those in favor of legal abortion continue to espouse them. And instead of being a mere theory, they became fact. And so obvious is it that they are a fact that New York Times columnists don't even need to cite a source.

Hillary claimed this during the 32nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade along with call for fewer abortions.

In a recent column in the NY Times, Nicholas Kristof writes, "Abortions fell steadily under Bill Clinton, who espoused that position, and have increased significantly during President Bush's presidency."

In usually Times columnist style there's no source for this information. It's merely purported as fact. It's almost like their strategy is "we can't prove that abortions have gone up so we'll just act as if it has already been proven."

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