Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Movie Potential, Outrage, and Privacy

Wesley Smith has a column in the Weekly Standard on the missed potential of the Oscar-winning movie Million Dollar Baby.

Rick at Stones Cry Out asks "Where is the Outrage" over Howard Dean's recent comments about how the domestic policy of the Democrats (abortion on demand included) is good and they are fighting against evil. My feeling is that most conservatives expect this kind of thing from Dean. We know that what he really believes so we're not terribly surprised by it. But I think Rick has a point in that even if we're not surprised, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be outraged.

What happened to welcoming prolife Democrats? Dean is now calling prolife pastors who speak out against abortion "intolerant."

A bunch of pro-choice blogs have commented on Phil Kline, Kansas' Attorney General, and his attempts to see if Kansas abortionists broke the law by performing abortions after 22 weeks and hoping to protect young girls (10, 11, 12, and 13) who have been sexually assaulted. They're furious that Kline would dive into the privacy of these women/girls. Yet none of them as far as I've seen has commented on abortionist George Tiller and how he gives his clients information out to his fundraising organization. They noticeably have also not mentioned the recent death of a woman at Tiller's clinic.

Do you think girls who are 11, 12, and 13 would prefer to continually be raped because an abortionist won't tell the authorities about the abuse or that authorities examine an abortionists records and try to find the men who are sexually assaulting them?

Another one - Captain Ed on Hollywoodites trying impose their will on Rhode Island Democrats.

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