Thursday, January 06, 2005

You've got to be kidding me

Laura Berman is a pro-choice columnist for the Detroit News. In today's newspaper she is talking about the charges against the teenager from Macomb County who ended the life of his unborn child by hitting his willing girlfried in the stomach with a souvenir baseball bat over the span of several weeks.

In this column, Berman has probably one of the most ridiculous/stupid/inaccurate pro-choice quotes I have ever heard in my life. She says,

"At this point, abortion is officially legal but, in practice, minimally so in Michigan -- to the point that even many educated adult women wouldn't know how to obtain one."

You have got to be kidding me. In 2003, there were 29,540 abortions in Michigan.

Do educated adult women know how to use the yellow pages? Because if they do, they'll find large full color ads advertising abortion if they look under "abortion." Do they know how to use the internet? Because if they do, they'll be able to type "abortion" and "Michigan" into any search engine and be able to find an abortion provider who would willingly take their $400 and the life of their unborn child.

Another thing I noticed was how Berman uses "unborn child" to describe Connor Peterson but then chides Right to Life of Michigan for working to "give legal status to fetuses in the womb" and for nudging "lawmakers and the public into viewing fetuses as tiny babies who need the state's protection from their would- or -wouldn't-be mothers. (my emphasis)"

So wanted Connor was "an unborn child" while the unwanted Macomb County child is a "fetus?"

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