Friday, January 28, 2005

Random links

Serge is talking about why human beings are valuable at Imago Dei.

The Detroit Free Press tells us that Terri Schiavo should have the right to die. They gloss over the fact there is a difference between letting someone die naturally and starving them to death.

This is my favorite quote, "In Terri Schiavo's case, her husband communicated his wife's wishes to doctors after years of pursuing methods to revive her. The situation got complicated when her parents objected. As time went on, they portrayed their son-in-law as money hungry for stopping Terri's treatment only after he won a malpractice case, and callous. They said he lost his right to have input in his wife's life when he took up with another woman. Sadly, such distractions can arise when personal tragedies end up in protracted court fights. Letting go is so painful."

Yes, letting go is painful when your daugther's husband has been living with another woman for years, has two children with this other woman, and won't divorce your daughter because he's after the money that he promised to use to rehabiliate her. Gosh.

Please tell me this is a parody site. Unfortunately, it's not. HT (TKS)

Austin Ruse informs us that Frances Kissling may grudgingly support Senator Brownback's bill on fetal pain.

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