Friday, January 07, 2005

Consumer reports and abortion

There has been a lot of attention given to this article which discusses a Consumer Reports article on condoms where some of Planned Parenthood's condoms weren't quite top of the line. Planned Parenthood has even spent a good deal of space on their web site trying to defend their condoms here and here.

However, I haven't seen an commentary on the Consumer Reports article on abortion. They list off a variety of birth control measures but then have information on medical abortion (RU-486) and surgical abortion (they just talk about vacuum aspiration).

Under medical abortion they say, "misoprostol completely expels the pregnancy in more than 90 percent of users, usually within a day."

Though they also use the term "embryo" to describe the unborn in the medical abortion section, I'm dismayed by the use of this "pregnancy" terminology. No pregnancy is expelled, the pregnancy is ended because the unborn child has been killed.

In another display of terminology gone wrong under surgical abortion they say, "The uterine contents are sucked out using a manual or electrical pump while the woman is under local anesthesia." (emphasis mine)

Uterine contents? Could you be a bit more specific? Do mean unborn human being?

Why is Consumer Reports sugarcoating what abortion is? Shouldn't consumers be aware of what is being aborted in an abortion?

Consumer reports has moved their information on abortion to this web page

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